At first glance, Wild Willy's girth could send some of societies most decadent citizens scampering for their lives, but instead he entertains them with a fresh and positive reflection about their preconceived ideas of the "stereotypical" bikers image.

Wild Willy Parsons is a professional comedian and has been since 1985. He continuously tours the country, headlining clubs, colleges, corporate functions, children's benefits as well as numerous Biker events and Law Enforcement festivities. He has also made many television appearances including, The Dennis Miller Show, Showtime, MTV, Evening at the Improv and Comics Only, to name but a few. Willy has also opened for many acts on the road such as, The Charlie Daniels Band, Steppenwolf, Sam Kinison, Buddy Miles, Andrew Dice Clay, Pauly Shore and Richard Jeni. Also he was the comic relief for several Easyriders videos since 1990. His unique character has also opened the door to the acting arena by landing roles in movies and television such as: The Guardian, Nothing To Lose, Trancers II, Matlock, Vietnam Texas, Silk Stalkings and a couple of national beer commercials. Willy also has an Emmy Award for writing to add to his credit.

Divorced father of two, he now resides in Los Angeles since relocating there from his hometown of Imperial Beach California, a small beach town on the outskirts of San Diego. Since his first ever stage appearance at the La Jolla Comedy Store on April 9th, 1985, Willy has become nationally known as "The World's Original Biker Comic" who appeals to a diverse audience from the upper class down to the lowest common denominator and all points in between. His subject matter ranges from his personal experiences in life, the justice system, societies misconceptions of bikers and their appearance, current events and even raising a family in today's world.

Wild Willy is a natural performer who's presence onstage commands attention while evoking laughter from his audience without reaching all the way into the slime bag for his material. After seeing him live, you will never look at a biker the same way again.

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